You know that I’m a crazy bitch*

Definition of terms:
bitch – a woman with a bad attitude
crazy bitch – crazy girl (with a slight, occasional, yet ineffable bitchy attitude)

I am a crazy bitch. Here’s why (specifically for Tuesdays):

01. When I wake up in the morning, the one thing on my mind is this: will I get a good score in Math today? I think of that from Monday to Sunday. Yes, even during weekends. That’s how crazy I am.

02. When I get in the bathroom, I remove my iTouch silicon case, play my morning playlist, turn up the volume to its maximum and sing like it’s not 5 o’ clock in the morning. I do that everyday for 15 minutes.

03. When I get in my room, I dry my hair while singing like I’m Rachel Berry, despite my awful morning voice.

04. After eating breakfast, brushing my teeth and dressing up, I put my headphones on and pay no care to the world (except when the school bus comes, when my bus mate sits beside me, and when we reach school).

05. When I reach the classroom, I drop my things, and walk pass by II-6’s classroom just to see if my friend is there. if she’s there, I would call her by her full given name, or I would just do this: pssssst! If she’s not there, I would go back to II-11.

06. When I get back to II-11, I would bug my classmates and tell them my latest dream about our Math teacher (I dream of her often. Like once a week) or a dream about another teacher, or a dream about the class, or a dream about koalas.

07. When the bell would ring, and our teacher comes in, I go to her and make kuwento. =))

08. After the morning prayer and flag ceremony, I would fix my things and chat with my seatmate and back mate (who are crazy bitches too). After that, we would sing One Direction songs. (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DIRECTIONER!)

09. Once Science (Bio) begins, I would try to keep myself awake. Bio is sooooo easy!

10. I would do the same for Computer and CL… Oh yeah.

11. When Recess comes, I would walk to the cafetorium with my friend. We would eat, *silence* talk, then go back to the classroom.

12. Math. I would go to the teacher’s door and wait for my math teacher. If she arrives before the final bell rings, I would tell her that what happened was a miracle. Then I would bully her. If the bell has rung, and she is still walking, I would sing Immaculate Mother (the Ave, Ave, Ave Maria part) to her. When she arrives, I would bully her.

13. During Math time, I would do my best to recite. If she doesn’t call me, it means that… I dunno.

14.Math is before English, and my teacher doesn’t have a class after ours, so we would walk together. I would go to the POEE II room, and she’d go to the faculty room. I would bully her, rant/vent to her, then she would bully or encourage me. Then, super last-minute important discussion in front of the POEE room door. How nice.

15. When Ms. Grey is not in the room, the six of us would hide, or three of us would sings random songs. When Ms. Grey comes in, she would ask why we were singing, or she would be “Come on.” if we hid.

16. Lunch… Eat…

17. Random stuff for Filipino.

18. I would really listen during Social Studies. (Hah so my favorite subjects are Math, English, Social and Bio. Heh)

19. I would fix my stuff and go home. If not go home, I’d go to the library or look for people to talk to.

20. I would text my friends about my kilig moments for the day.

21. I would do school work (if any), eat dinner, go online, and sleep.

22. I didn’t mention the random singing of 1D songs with my crazy bitches in the middle of classes, my super random jokes and expressions of my opinions which are either feminist, bitchy, logical, political or religious.

23. I dream about the people in school (I dreamt of Ms. Alie six times since January 1, 2012 :O ).

This is why I am a crazy bitch.


Lesson Learned Series: Field Trip

Friday, January 13, 2012 = LUCKY

Last year, my Social Studies teacher was part of a group of teachers that did an ocular inspection in our field trip destinations. The day after the inspection, she told us that we will go to Zoobic Safari and a church in Pampanga. First thought = SERIOUSLY?!? We went to Subic and a church in Pampanga in the 5th grade! If something blows up in Glorietta on field trip day this year, I will freak out! (During our field trip in the 5th grade, this happened.)

Field trip day finally came. I was somehow excited and not excited at the same time. I got off mom’s car and I started looking for II-11’s bus. Thank God I found it right away. When I was about to board, I freaked out: people who were not from 11 were in the bus. I panicked. I went away from the bus and I waited for a classmate. I found Aira, and we proceeded to the same bus. We both backed out. We found another classmate, and she told us that it was the right bus. We were SO relieved.
Lesson learned: trust the sign (well, bond paper) that says 2-11.

We finally arrived at Zoobic Safari. I HAD SOOO MUCH FUUUUN! We rode a jeep and a tiger went above our jeep. I got to shoot some arrows (well, two) and I saw a crocodile with an under bite! Cool!
Lesson learned: it is always fun in the zoo, even if you’re already 15 years old.

Lunch at a picnic area, and most of us didn’t get off the bus because we thought: picnic = mats & sitting on the ground. We had no idea that they had benches. -_-
Lesson learned: always go with your friends and your cool teachers when they get off the bus.

Betis church. I saw Ms. Grey (my POEE teacher) wearing a grey shirt. I was amazed with all the murals and paintings on the ceiling. We saw the extension of Zoobic in Pampanga.
Lesson learned: churches are awesome.

On the bus, on our way home, we decided to watch Peter Pan (as in Jeremy Sumpter). The people behind me screamed to death whenever Peter smiles or goes near Wendy and acts sweet and stuff. We didn’t get to finish the movie, and the people behind me went loco.
Lesson learned: do not play Peter Pan when you know you’re going home.

I love this day, and the people who made it extra special.

New Year’s Resolution: Stop Procrastinating and Cramming

HAPPY NEW YEAR! … Happy new me?

Procrastinating and cramming have always been my hobbies when it comes to school work (and even blogging). I’m not the only one who is in to this, but seriously… Most of use have crammed and procrastinated before. We learned that it is hard to do three critiques a day before submission when the task was given a month before. We learned that it is hard to hand draw a comic strip (especially when you’re not artistically gifted) in one whole day. We learned that a crammed script always gets a minus five. BUT WHY DO WE STILL PROCRASTINATE?

Procrastinating has done a lot of bad stuff to me. So, my New Year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating and cramming.