Lessons Learned Series: Fourth Quarter PTC

*This post was posted on Thursday, but I wrote it on Wednesday.*

I made the “Oh no” post yesterday to see if my mind was sane, and if I wanted to do something while at school today.  I expected myself to do what I told myself to do there. But nooooo!

Lesson learned: So it is true that things don’t go as the way we planned them.

Mom and I got to school at 3pm. I went in the room to tell Miss Kaye about my dream.  Well, I shook her hand first because she passed the UP Law Aptitude test, and she’s going to UP for law school yaaay! Then, I told her about the dream (which is to remain a secret). “Exag ka ah” she said. Lol =)) I did not find ANY class shirt in there. So, mom and I proceeded to Miss Peace. She handed the report card to mom, and then I got it from mom. SHAAAAAAAAA I GOT A B+ IN MATH THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED! Then I looked at the rest of my grades. THREE FREAKIN’ A’s! IS THIS SERIOUS?!? Well, my heart kind of fell when I realized that I could have been first honor, but I realized that I’m back on the honor roll (and I think I’ll get year-end honors)! So, I took my card and went to II-10 to check if Miss Alie is talking to someone. She was talking to two parents (mom and dad). They looked serious, so I went back to 11. Mom and Miss were talking about that K+12 program the government wants to implement (I frankly find that stupid). Anyway, so they ended the conversation, and Miss Peace and I hugged each other. Super tight! She’s leaving, so savor the moment! I also hugged and wished Miss Kaye good luck, since she’s going to law school. Mom was shocked.

Lesson learned: NEVER expect a class shirt to be delivered on time.

Next stop: II-10. I was like “Miss Alieeeeeeee!” before entering. She knew what I was talking about: my Math grades. She couldn’t remember my numerical grade, and she didn’t have her records with her. -_- So we talked about my phone, and I told Miss Gaba (my awesome Biology teacher) that I got an A in her subject. I showed her my card and she joined the conversation. She asked me when the PTC will end. I said “3:30”. She said “3:30? Not 4? 3:30? Oh my gosh I’m free!” At that time, everything changed; my view on Miss Gaba changed. So we talked about my summer plans and other stuff. Miss Gaba also gave me chocolate, and it’s not because I’m an honor student once more; it’s because she’s free. =)) Other random stuff, then the bell rang. MAY BELL PALA! Then my teachers were happy and all =)). I accompanied them until we reached the staircase that students are not allowed to use. We wished each other a happy summer, and then I proceeded to look for my mom.

Lesson learned: Science teachers can be weird and unpredictable, too.


PTC Appreciation thingo. I have nothing to do. I saw Sir Teng Alvarez (first year Math and homeroom adviser), and he looked at my card. He was happy, but he asked me if I got into POEM (Programs of excellence in Math. It’s like POEE, only in Math). I said no, and he told me to do better in third year. Mahn I love that guy! So, I spent the next30 minutes sitting near the Bamboo Area, waiting for teachers to disturb. Then, I got bored. I stood up and walked. Then, I saw my friend Den-Den. SHE IS A LIFE SAVER! Then we met Sir Alvarez again. He is such a teacher. He still keeps track of his former students’ Math grades, and still pushes them to do better. I love him so much! I also told Miss Alie about the dream that I told Miss Kaye (since both of them were there). *insert her “OH MY GOSH MAY MULTO DUN?!?” face and her “ANONG SABI MO, ‘TE?!? face and “WAIT DID I HEAR THE RIGHT THINGS?!?” face.* So funny!

Lesson learned: A true teacher is always concerned about his/her students, present or past.


So mom and I had to shop for Boracay again. Uh, I really don’t get why we had to do so. I mean, I’m going to Boracay to have fun, not to have a fashion show. -_- My mother is a fashion slave. But I do enjoy shopping with her! I love it when we share the same opinion on one fashion item, and I love it when we talk about random things and people and we’re being frank about those. I love mom, even if she’s trendy.

Lesson learned: Mom and I are really different, but really alike.


Right now, I am talking to my friends who are both named “Patricia Mae”. They’ve been chatting with the caps lock key on. So, the virus spread to me =))


Pretty sincere, eh?


Some “pretty” girl posts a photo of herself on Facebook. Then, her photo gets a hundred likes and a thousand comments. Most of those comments go like this: Prettttyyyy! ❤ [and] Hotttttt!. And I sit in front of the computer, and gets pissed. My head says, “SERIOUSLY”, in a sarcastic manner. And take note of the  “pretty” girl’s caption: I look so ugly! Temporary!

I usually don’t comment on those photos. It’s either I’m not close to that person, I only see expensive clothes and heavy make-up, I don’t find that girl really pretty, or I think that those people who liked and commented on the photo were not really sincere. Or, all those four! Why? Because of the following reasons: 1. I don’t like the word “pretty”, in an aesthetic context; and 2. I don’t like people who are frivolous (although I know frivolous is a strong term and I feel that it’s inappropriate for this context).

Point number one: the word “pretty”. I have always disliked that word, in an aesthetic context. The word “pretty” is synonymous with “beautiful”, but it does not mean “beautiful”. It also sounds less than beautiful, in my perspective (and my mom’s too). And when someone says “Ang pretty ni (insert name here)!” , that person sounds sarcastic. I mean, if you find a person beautiful, say that the person is beautiful! Oh, and according to WordReference.com, pretty means “Attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful”. Maybe they do find the girl on the photo not really beautiful. Remember: every girl wants to be called beautiful.

Point number two: those people who comment. So, about a thousand people saw the photo of “pretty” girl, since it’s also her profile picture. Everyone has their own say, and most of them chose to tell the “pretty” girl that she’s looking pretty and hot in her picture. Well, that’s their say on the photo. I wonder if that’s the same thing that they say when they see the “pretty” girl in person… I know that most of those “pretty” girls are pretty/beautiful, but some just cheat with their make-up. I don’t know. I wonder if those people who commented really meant what they said.

Well, usually, those “pretty” girls are pretty “popular”… What about the beautiful but unpopular girls? There are loads of them, you know (and I’m not saying that I’m one of them). They don’t get comments and likes on their photos like the comments and likes on the “pretty” girls’ photos. I think that those photos of the beautiful people (inside and out) deserve the comments, but comments that don’t say “Prettttyyyy! <3” and “Hotttttt!”. If I were to comment on those photos of the beautiful people, I’d say “(name), you are so beautiful! 😀 “, and I would press the Enter key with utmost sincerity.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, the saying says. Beauty is very subjective; what you may find “pretty” is not pretty to me. But if you find something pleasing to your senses, can you please express your opinion with the right words? Those comments may be compliments to that person, until that person finds out the dictionary definition of the adjective you used to describe that person/that person’s work/s.

Yes, I intentionally categorized this under social issues. I think people have to be true to what they say, or at least know what they say.

Sources: –http://www.wordreference.com/definition/pretty

-my opinion

Oh no

So tomorrow, mom and I will be getting my final report card… (insert Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven) I actually have an idea on what grade to see on my card for some subjects. But Math… :((

So when I get into our classroom tomorrow, I will look for my freakin’ class shirt. No, I will greet my dearest teachers (Miss Peace and Miss Kaye) first. Then, I’ll look for my shirt (it it’s there). Then I will approach Miss Peace and mom (who are talking about my grades). I will cry tears of joy or sorrow, depends on my Math grades. So after the chat, I will take photos of Miss Peace Adraincem and Miss Kaye Robles, for they are both leaving. :((

Next up: II-10. Whether my Math grades are worth talking over or not, I will go to Miss Alie and tell her my latest dream about her. Hah I dreamt of her again (for the 10th time in this year). Then, we will talk about my Math grades, and I will force her to tell me if her contract will be renewed or not. Then, I will take photos of her for the sake of taking photos of her. =))

Then, mom will have the PTC Appreciation thingy. I don’t know what to do by then. Talk to my teachers?

So far, I am having a very boring summer. I want to go to school!