Teenagers have fickle minds, or is it just me?

Last Saturday, I watched something on TV, and this show made me want to become a lawyer. Last Monday, my mother’s best friend asked me “As of today, what do you want to be in the near future?” I answered “I want to be a lawyer”, and she said that she guessed right. As of the moment, I want to be a writer (no, not fiction and/or poetry. I suck at those).

I keep on changing my mind concerning my career. I want to sing, act, teach, fight, defend, heal, write, speak, and discover all at the same time! But I can’t be a singer, theater artist, teacher, lawyer, doctor, writer/journalist, preacher, scientist and historian all at the same time professionally. Ask me what my favorite subject is today, and I will answer you “Social Studies”. If you would ask me tomorrow, my answer would most likely be Music. If you asked me yesterday, my answer was supposedly Science. If you asked me a week, two weeks and a month ago, I would have answered Math, English and FIlipino respectively.

My thoughts about my future changes everyday. I may want to be a dancer tomorrow, or a composer after a month. In other words, I still don’t know what a I really want. I really want to be all of those, but of course I could only choose one or two or three of those. Maybe it’s not yet my time to know.



This was totally not planned

I haven’t written lately… Wow what happened to me? Well, I really don’t know.

I’m still stuck reading Les Miserables, the first book I opened this summer. I told myself that I will finish reading more than 20 books before my school books and reading requirements come, but I’ve been on vacation for more than a month now. Enrollment is a month away. How am I going to fit all of those books in four weeks? And I only finished reading two out of the five parts of Les Mis! What happened? INTERNET!, weird dreams about school, and random yet abundant “muni-muni” moments. So right now, I plan to finish reading Les Miserables by Friday, and to finish reading at least five other books before the 23rd of May. I hope this plan works! *fingers crossed*

Hah, I planned again! But seriously, I hope the plan would be successful!

Planning, I think, is a normal human thing. Why? Persons want definite futures, even if person cannot control everything in this world. They cannot control the thoughts, emotions, words, actions, decisions, mentalities, morale(s), perspectives, beliefs, philosophies, opinions, physical conditions, and plans of fellow persons, and sometimes their selves. Despite the fact that the world is not in their hands, they think that the world is in their hands, so they plan ahead. Planning is not bad at all; it actually shows positive things, but not all are positive.

When one plans, it means that this person wants something to be done. This person wants a specific thing to happen; this person wants a definite future. When someone plans, this someone wants the best for him/herself and/or others. When one plans, it means that this person wants to do something. But planning may also show that s person is selfish. But that’s only a minor thing. Planning is good!

Planning is good, but doing things to make the plan work and successful is better. And if one plans, one must not get disappointed if things are not in one’s favor. If things go against one and one’s plan, it’s either the plan is not for that person, or it is a test to see if one is going to do everything just to have a good future.

Planning is necessary; just make sure that one is willing to sacrifice. One cannot simply go with the flow.




…what did I just write?

My long list of names

I am Cloie. I want to be called Cloie, but for some reason, people don’t want to call me Cloie.

Here is a list of how people call me:

1. Cloie – My favorite one. Almost everyone calls me Cloie.

2. CloSio – My cousin first called me this, and now one of my friends actually calls me CloSio.

3. Clo-Clo – Only one person calls me that, because I call her by the first syllable of her last name.

4. Bruha – The same person who calls me Clo-Clo calls me Bruha as well. And also the same cousin who calls me CLoSio

5. (Ate) Clow – two of my friends call me this, with and without the “ate”. And then suddenly a male acquaintance called me this. I really don’t like Clow. Add one letter, and you can hire me for the next children’s party in town.

6. Cloe – You know, like the one is Bratz. I really don’t know how to pronounce this. A male friend calls me this whenever we chat (because we’ve only seen each other twice).

7. Ate (Cloie) – Since I am the oldest girl in my mom’s side of the family, the ones younger (and even the older ones) have to call me Ate. No problem with dad’s side because I’m one of the youngest.

8. Cowee and Chichay – Those were my pet names when I was a baby. Wow they called me Chichay =))

So any other suggestions of nicknames? I welcome all, but I’m not saying that I like them all.

Boracay please, not Bora

I saw this poster near the hotel we stayed in when we were in Boracay.

O ayan Boracay raw, hindi Bora… =))



Oh, I went to Boracay last April 2-4, 2012 against my free will. Why?

1. Holy Week (and I really want to stay home or in the church and reflect during Holy Week)

2. I had fever…

We stayed at La Carmela de Boracay… The cheapest beach front hotel in Station 2. Well, my aunt payed for the whole trip (as in everything except for personal expenses) for 31 people, so yeah I think that’s okay. But uh the services. Curse you, hotel WiFi! Mas maganda pa yung WiFi sa SM Malls (and it’s not only because of the WiFi).

We arrived there and I retreated to the hotel room, for I was with fever. I was burning hot until 5pm, then they decided to call a doctor. Hah I needed IV therapy due to the high infection in my blood and the antibiotic for my exudative tonsillitis would be activated and effective right away if it would go through the IV. So I was “hospitalized” for the first time in Boracay.

The second day was a bit better. The IV was removed in the morning, and I ate “food”. We went jet skiing, but they were not able to force me to riding the banana boat. Lunch at this restaurant at D’Mall. Menu: tinolang manok (soup), shrimp, oysters and crabs. I cannot eat soup because of the exudates on my tonsils, and I don’t eat seafood. Sad life. I ate the chicken, and my fever went back. So I went back to the hotel room and stayed there for the rest of the day. I went out for dinner and I was so disgusted by the smell of Zonrox and cigarette smoke. There was this Korean that puffed smoke rings in front of me. I was pissed so I went up to the hotel room after eating.

The next day was the last day. Breakfast, then mom and I went to shop and to have photos taken. That was the only time I went out! :(( Haaa if there weren’t so many moss in the waters of Station 2. But oh boy the sand was so white…

So we checked out, ate, super last-minute shopping at D’Talipapa, went back to Caticlan, van to Kalibo International airport, waited for our delayed flight (again), and said good bye, Aklan. So nice to be in my lola’s land. 😀