Experiments and Experiences

For the first time in my life, I went to a salon without my mother’s knowledge. It was my aunt’s day-off from work today, and she had plans to get her hair treated. She tagged me along just to have a pedicure.

From Valenzuela, we rode a cab to 11th Avenue in Caloocan, and there, I got my nails done…with nail art! Then my aunt told me to get a hot oil treatment. It was cheap, so I have no idea what went onto my scalp and hair (I think it was something Japanese). My mom always gave me the branded one (Kerastase, I think) at home, and she only gets me the expensive one (but the cheapest among the expensive ones) in salons. Then the stylist blow dried my hair and it turned out weird, so I him/her (I wasn’t sure because s/he seemed to be gay, but I didn’t see an Adam’s Apple. There) have it straight again.

We went out of the salon, then looked for a cab to take us to SM Valenzuela. Since the cabs wouldn’t let us ride, we waited for a jeep instead. Gosh it took us a long time before we rode one. It wasn’t my first time to ride a jeep, but I wasn’t comfortable because I was sitting between two guys (since it was crowded in the jeep and my aunt had to sit somewhere else). I’ve had bad jeenpey experiences involving men this summer. One was when a pervert sat in front of me. He kept on looking at my legs (but my shorts weren’t short at all. Just above the knees). Another one was with another perv. WHY ARE THERE MANY PERVS IN JEEPNEYS?!? WHY?!? Urbanidad!

So we got off at SM, and I went straight to National to look for Wuthering Heights, Animal Farm and Oedipus the King. I saw the first two, but I only got the first one because it was the same copy that was sold in school. The Animal Farm I saw had sheep on the cover, while Iris said that hers had a pig on the cover (and she bought her copy at school). After paying, we shopped for salad ingredients, went to Jollibee, and partly watched the coronation of Mutya ng Valenzuela… It was my first time to see a live beauty pageant. After, my aunt and I went home, ate dinner, and I started writing this post and posted it through my phone…

YES I FINALLY HAVE A PHONE WOOHOOO! And my birthday is 17 days away!


I am home from Baguio and I am tired!

I was supposed to see Joe Jonas last Friday but I was at Baguio that time. I really didn’t enjoy Baguio because I’ve been there for three times before this visit. I only enjoyed PMA, because it was my first time to go there and Tree Top Adventure! SUPERMAAAAAAAAAAAN!

I can’t believe I did that…

I wasn’t even able to watch the Glee and American Idol finales because my aunt only had ABS-CBN and Studio 23 on her TV. I did have loads of fun with my cousin (who reminds me of Miss Alie, and they both know it).

But my favorite parts of the trip: THE STRAWBERRIES AND THE COLDNESS AND THE FOOD TRIP AT BURNHAM PARK! Also, I got to wear a hanbok (thank you Kung Jeon Korean Palace… I have no idea if I ate good Korean food so yeah…but I honestly didn”t like what I ate) and traditional Igorot costume!

Ang lamig na nga, nag-halo-halo pa! =)) Food trip!

Okay this post is really sabaw because my mother is making take a bath because we have to go somewhere… But my mind cannot wait to post this so yeah… 😀

I Know Why My Cousins Did Not Get Me A Stuffed Toy

When my cousins from Sydney came home in 2009, they brought five koala key chains, five kangaroo key chains, and five boomerang key chains. I gave a koala, two kangaroos, and three boomerangs away. I forgot to give my little cousins some key chains. No wonder they didn’t get me the koala stuffed toy that I requested.

Only three kangaroos and four koalas left. The two boomerangs are not here.

Okay I just needed to post a photo because they’re cute. Okay I am giving two koalas, three kangaroos, and two boomerangs away. Who wants one… =))

Okay I’m joking. But yeah if you think I can personally give the key chain/s to you, comment down dur.

JJ Is Coming To Town… :D

Finally! A third of the 11 year old me’s dream will finally come true!

So Joe Jonas is going to the Philippines OH GOD he’s now an endorser of Bench

I am a Jonatic. Period.

So Joe Jonas is finally going to the Philippines… But it’s only him… No Kevin and no Nick (that’s why it’s only 1/3 of my fantasy that’s going to be reality). Although I am not planning to spend Php1,000 just to get two passes to the event (I’d just be there and see him after buying school supplies), I think that I’d be happy on the 25th. My gulay I finally get to see him! I’ve been dreaming of this since… the fifth grade. OH WELL.


Hay kung hindi lang ganun yung break-up niya kina Taylor Swift at demi Lovato… </3