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I Need To Get My Story Straight

I had so much fun in the last two weeks, except for that failed Chem quiz. We had our last high school field trip last Nov. 9. Click here for the academic view of it.

We also had our annual school fair last Nov. 15-17 with the theme of digital age. Our principal is the coolest. HE DRESSED UP AS IRON MAN! IT WAS SO COOL! (contemplating if I should post the photo…nah). I went as a soldier…or maybe a super conservative Lara Croft…Then I saw this hat:

I really had to replace my army hat into that hat. IZZO CUTE :((( Miss Alie also had a photo wearing that hat, but I won’t post it here (but it’s posted in my Facebook account. LOL). I had a blast in our Karaoke booth. I GOT 100 IN SINGING MIGRAINE BY MOONSTAR88! YAAAAAAY! I also sang my heart out to different love songs and heartbreak songs. YEAHP ILABAS LAHAT MEHN.

I’m okay now… =))

Then, here I am again cramming everything. =))