Sick and Tired…and Torn

Yes, I am absent for like the eight time for this school year.

I diagnosed myself with depression. Well, I practically can’t do anything that I used to do now. I also can’t eat like how I used to. I lost my appetite to eat (…which is a good thing? well, I refuse to eat anything now so I guess it’s bad). My had a 180-degree turn since my accident. I will get better, but things won’t be the same.

I can’t get too stressed and too worried. Now, how am I supposed to do all the things that are thrown at me? Schoolwork + people in school = stress has always been the equation for me. Why people in school? Well, this is the stress that they bring me: “Cloie, what are we going to do?”, “Hey Cloie, can you do this?” “CLOIE PANO NA?”. Everyone depends on me. I’m sick of it, but they’re not sick of it. I guess they’re used to that because ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to soar with my classmates (like I couldn’t help the feeling that I want my classmates to have high grades too). But now, I guess they have to work on their own. I have to reject them this time.

As for school work, I have to lay low on them. Oh life…this is really cuts me in half.

~     ~     ~


…and this is so out of the topic but can I just say that A Thousand Years Part Two is THE BEST LOVE SONG OF THE 21ST CENTURY!

…but I wish he could sing to me. I would let him borrow my voice even just for a day! *brings back self to her fantasies of having a very musically-inclined guy*


How I wrote my ACET essay

Others are dying to impress Ateneo with their ACET essays…and I sit here, thinking this:

No, I should not have flowery words on this.  I should not impress them so much.  No, I should not even think of impressing them. I should be me…and then I’ll see if they will like me. If I don’t get in, well it’s their loss.

Being myself is the best way to get into any university…well, that’s what I believe in.


I’m entitled to make mistakes, and I don’t think anyone should judge me because I didn’t know how to answer that physics worksheet. I dropped out of POES because I didn’t really like physics. So shut up, bitches. I got #2C right, and you didn’t. If you tell me something that is discriminating towards ProEx and ProEx drop out students again, prepare to hear “ask someone else” from me.