No Pain, No Gain


Well, nothing is painless…even breathing can be tough. My therapy sessions started yesterday, and I get home dead tired. It’s a good thing that my teachers are so considerate. I love them all!

Therapy is really painful, but I know all the pain and effort will pay off. I can straighten my leg now…as in totally straight! I couldn’t do that this morning. 🙂 Today, I bent my knee beyond the limit that I knew this morning. It was painful, but that was just the beginning of the pain. More are to come. No pain, no gain.


Wishful Thinking

I wish my friends would stop mocking him and making fun of him in front of me and behind my back. I wish my cousins would mind him. I wish my brother would be kind to him. I wish my mom would see the good things that he does.

I wish people could see the guy that I see.

…and I wish I didn’t “cool-off” with him. I wish I didn’t have to get myself together. I wish I just didn’t take the words and acts of my other loved ones so seriously. I wish I wasn’t so sensitive about this. I wish I was whole now. But hey, he deserves someone who is whole. I just wish this works, and hopefully, things would be better when I say “I’m okay now. I’m sorry for this.” I wish that he understands, and I wish that he waits.

…and so I wanted to try baking the over toaster cake mixes here. Banana bread mix… He likes banana bread.

I ended up not doing it because we had no pan and our bananas weren’t ripe enough. Oh well.

Young Love…literally Young

*suddenly feeling cheesy and so in love while procrastinating and NOT watching the Gilas vs. South Korea semifinals game because I’m talking to Kelvin*

I hope this lasts forever…or at least for a long time. I don’t want this to end right away.


Kelvin Young told me that he loves me, and I turned red. I hope that it happens again…I hope it happens until I have no idea when it should end…I hope it won’t end.

It’s the first time I found myself liking someone then realizing that that someone likes me back. I don’t know if it’s normal for me to feel like I’m on cloud nine. That stuffed panda (Kevin Bata) that he gave me on my birthday made me feel even more…I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT!

He makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the world… When he looks at me, I melt. When he holds my hand, I feel so safe. When he speaks, it’s like I hear violins (and I LOVE the sound of violins…above all other instruments). When I see him, I feel like I can never be any happier. He makes me so happy…even if I feel like a big mess. He makes me feel like I am worth the universe and so much more (if there is more).


People with sane minds would call me crazy, but I don’t care. I know my priorities anyway. It’s just that everything feels so surreal for me. I never expected any of this to happen at this age…really. I feel…so…loved and important.

This is such an exciting feeling…being in love and being loved. And I can’t believe that I am falling…

Filipinos are NOT PWD-Friendly

DISCLAIMER: I can really walk, but I feel for PWD, for I often get injuries concerning my lower body.


Walking around TriNoma with crutches is a VERY BAD IDEA! Strolling around SM North Edsa on a wheelchair is ANOTHER BAD IDEA. Even if institutions have elevators, ramps and special cubicles in the lavatory for the disabled, can we say that the Philippines is PWD-friendly? I don’t think so.

I went to school in a wheelchair for about five weeks and I always come to class late. Why? Elevator issues. Those juniors really don’t know how to give priority to the girl in a wheelchair (and that kinda disrespects their senior! ). Well, even if I’m not a senior, they should have used the stairs to go up to their classroom! I NEVER used the elevator after breaks, even if my classroom was on the top floor. If they don’t want to be late, GO UP EARLY! Uh I get so irritated whenever those students would fill up the elevator, leaving no space for me. Good thing I won’t be going to school for a while.


Before heading to the doctor’s clinic yesterday, I told my parents “don’t bring the wheelchair.  I really don’t need it.” I didn’t care if I would tire myself from walking; I needed the exercise too. After my check-up, my doctor told me to not use my crutches anymore. Doc told me to buy a knee brace and wear my immobilizer only when sleeping. So we went to the nearest mall to buy a knee brace. “Hello TriNoma, please don’t get me pissed. I don’t want the SM incident to happen again.”

(What happened in SM: people wouldn’t let a girl in a wheelchair pass peacefully.)

I was walking with crutches in Trinoma and people would just pass by me so fast. Well, of course people will pass by me. The thing is, they walk too fast, and they’re like only an inch away from me! The really had to go in between me and my mom. They didn’t even say “excuse me” or even the very rude and Filipino way of just saying “excuse” in an angry tone. Then people would block my way, even if they saw me coming. And I had to be the one to stop when crossing to the other side of the way. Talk about giving my way to the “able”.


So this is what happens when I ask God for patience. He gives me so many people to test my patience.

Thank You Lord for not letting me explode and for not letting my blood pressure shoot up again. But please enlighten these  people who are not so considerate. Help me fully realize that not all people are like me. Amen.

Speaking of blood pressure, I haven’t checked lately. :O Mahirap maging (malapit nang maging) hypertensive.


But this is what I don’t get: when I entered the pay lounge in TriNoma, why did the cashier girl (or whatever you call her) returned my mom’s 10 pesos (the payment for me)? I mean, why are the disabled allowed to go in the pay lounge for free? Does that mean that they are also not capable of paying 10 pesos?

And the real thing is, the public should not even pay for tissue and soap in public lavatories!