On May 8-9, 2014, I payed a visit to my new school, the University of the Philippines, for orientations. After two days of orientations in UP (and up to this day), I feel so overwhelmed with everything. Being constantly called “iskolar ng bayan” makes me want to cringe. The pressure in on, and I don’t know what to feel anymore.

On May 8, I went over to my college (College of Mass Communication) for an orientation about my college and my course (BA Journalism). As the orientation commenced, I felt that my love for writing came back to me (since I want to shift to BS Secondary Education come 2nd year). It was as if all I wanted to do was to write for newspapers again (but ironically, I don’t read newspapers AND I haven’t written even for the school paper back in high school). I really want to investigate on the happenings in the country, and I want to fight for the truth – and that is what pushed me to journalism. As the orientation went on, I felt that I didn’t want to shift anymore. I felt like I am going to be happy with journalism, especially with the fact that the curriculum also impressed me. I also met a new friend (his name is Karlo, and I hope we’re blockmates!) I went home early (because I couldn’t enroll yet), thinking of what might happen if I didn’t shift.

As I got toured around the College of Mass Communication (Maskom) the next day, I got confused EVEN MORE! The college campus was so nice for me (and filled with cats, too) and I felt comfortable while touring. I also liked how they have a new library (YES!). I met a few awesome people along the way, and boy oh boy, the Maskom freshies are FULL OF ENERGY!

As we attended the general Freshman Orientation, I felt that UP is going to take care of me. At the same time, I felt very welcome and very contented with what UP has to offer to me. Some performing arts organizations performed, and I’m very interested in joining the UP Singing Ambassadors. Well, I want to join other orgs too. 😛 I had fun, but at the end of the day, the pressure got into me again.

How can I serve the university as how I want want to serve the people? Am I really fit to study in the state university? Am I ready for college?

I don’t know the answers of these questions, but I’m sure that I can answer them in God’s time.


PS: This early, I joined an (ONLINE) protest against tuition increase. I felt good after sending my tweets. Wow, I feel like I am truly an Iska.