I grew up fine, but then I started to become an attention seeker.

For some reason, I’ve become an attention seeker. I guess it’s brought up by jealousy. See, I can be a jealous girlfriend to everybody, even to myself. I easily get jealous of my school mates, to be really honest. I may seem like the perfect student in high school, but I was really envious of my classmates who seemed to have better and grander lives.

I would always wish to be a little more fortunate in every aspect of my life. I don’t know if this is brought by my depression, but I would always wish for more Twitter/Instagram followers, more money in my savings account, my own ATM/credit card, more terms in my word bank, more time for TV shows, more tasteful music in my iTunes/Spotify library, more faith, more knowledge of myself, more confidence. I would always want more. I’m never contented.

So now, I feel like I need more attention, and more friends too. I feel like I’m being ignored by the world. It’s like I’m invisible! I hate being invisible.

I guess it’s all a part of my condition. I just hope that I don’t stay like this forever.

The Thing About Love

Who marries a man she just met?

It’s true love!

What is true love? Who deserves to be loved? Where is (the) love? When do you love? Why love? How do you love?


¬†How can you love someone you barely know? How can you give yourself up to someone you just met? How can you say that you feel a deep affection for someone you don’t speak to often? That’s the problem with out generation today – We don’t know what love is anymore. It’s true that the more we use a word, the word loses its meaning. That’s exactly what’s happening to a word that’s so powerful to lose its sense. Of course, by definition, we know what love is. But how do we know if what we feel is really love?

…just a random thought.