Think Twice

I am currently sitting in front of my cousins, who are in the middle of a dance rehearsal. They’re getting ready for a dance number for our upcoming family reunions. Some are getting the dance steps, and some are confused. Some are at the verge of giving up, and I’m sitting here, watching them. I want to join them. I know I can dance. But then I see my reflection in the mirror, and I see a six-inch scar on my knee. Oh right, I had a knee surgery six months ago. I can’t dance.

People often take things for granted. Well, it’s really more than often. We always take things for granted, not realizing how other people cannot do everything that we do. We take our sight sight for granted. We take our able legs for granted. We take our health for granted. We take our skills and talents for granted. We take the people around us for granted. We take our surroundings for granted. We take our lives for granted.

We seldom realize how lucky and blessed we are. It would take a major event in the lives of others or a natural phenomenon before we realize that we have so many things to be thankful for. We would always complain about our little misfortunes without thinking about the greater misfortunes of the majority of the Earth’s population. We always focus on the bad, never on the good.

With this, I propose a challenge to you, my dear reader. Get a notebook, and make it your “Grateful Notebook”. Everyday, list down one thing that you were grateful for on that day. On your low days, read everything that you wrote down. After that, I hope you realize how blessed you are.

It’s better if you are also able to help someone who needs a hand after reading your Grateful Notebook. For me, it’s a way of appreciating what you have. You are not only able to give thanks, but you are also able to make someone smile. You might be the person to make her day. You’ll never know.

So the next time you complain, think twice.



As a music lover, I am expected to have a favorite song. Well guess what, I don’t have a favorite song. I love reading, yet I have no favorite book/book series. Same goes with movies, food, travel destination, and more things on Earth (except for animals, plants and people).

I only have a few favorites:

Singer: Taylor Swift;

Person(s) to talk to: my boyfriend and my friends;

Animal: Koala;

Flower: pink roses;

…and that’s about it. I like a lot of things, but I only have a few favorite things.

Well, I found myself weird for not having too much favorites. I consider myself weird because I appreciate almost everything thrown at me. I learn to love things as if it was in my nature. It’s like I’m born to like almost everything existing. I really seldom hate things. I’d even love your trash, especially if it would be for my advantage.

Since I don’t have favorite inanimate objects, I have favorite living things. I don’t know why I have my biases on living things. Maybe that’s how I appreciate life. I love animals and plants, and people too! I love people the most, honestly. People are very fluid in some ways. I find people, especially children, fascinating.

I have a lot of favorite people. From my boyfriend, to my best friend, to my mom, and everyone in between! No stranger can beat my favorite people. I just love people! I just find humans very…interesting. No two people are alike, and I love that.

But then, I still struggle with people. People cause my sadness and depression, but I still continue to love people. That’s how appreciative and grateful I get. I like everything thrown at me. But of course, if I have favorite people, I also have favorite people to hate. They’re relatively few, but having people to hate alarms me, especially since I hate them for the wrong reasons. But I guess liking and disliking stuff is normal for us.

So much for liking stuff, eh? Well, we all have our biases. That’s what makes us different.


To My Little Sister

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.45.47 PM

Dearest Anonymous MCHS Yellow ’16 student who “asked” me on,

Hello! How are ya? I hope MCHS is treating you well. Well, if you’re stressed, just remember that all the stress will be worth it. And you’ll miss high school a lot!

I want to thank you for reading my blog! You see, I can monitor my site views, so I know how many people were bored or in need of someone to relate to. This is not the first time that my blog was praised by people who I don’t know, but your “confession” melts my heart with joy. I never knew how much impact my blog had on other people. So, thank you for reading my blog even if I write about super shallow things.

Life’s a rock, really. It’s full of ups and downs. I have no clue if you were required to read Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya back in sophomore year, but that book pretty much shows how real life is. If you haven’t read that book, consider reading it. In my 18 years of existence, I learned that life will never be fair, and that life is full of changes. I learned that boulders, big or small, will always block my way. The thing is, I have never absorbed how to wreck those boulders without breaking down first. But I realized that it’s okay to cry and be broken. When you’re broken, you realize how long you’ve been whole – if you were ever whole. When you’re broken, you know what would make you whole. When you’re broken, you’ll know who your real friends are. When you’re broken, you’ll know what you want and what you need, and you can always do whatever it takes to get what you want or need.

There’s a beauty in feeling down, and I hope that you realize and appreciate that. Life is very beautiful and unpredictable. Just remember that whenever you’re down, there will always be happiness after. Continue to fight, ha?

And before I forget: I only have one thing that I wish you would do. I wrote about my attempt to commit suicide, right? Okay, do not ever attempt to kill yourself. Why? One, physical pain. Second, you die whenever you have a problem. But what happens? You resurrect after, and you live. When you die physically, Lord know when you’ll resurrect. And third, what if no one stops you? If no one stops you, you’ll die sad. Don’t you want to die happy? Die happy, okay? Never give up on yourself.

Again, that you for letting me know that I inspire you in some way. You inspire me to write better. 🙂 I’m a Facebook message/tweet/question away, little sister! I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you very much!


Ate Cloie