Why Bash Religion and Faith?

I’m not religious or spiritual, but when people bash on my religion or the religion of others, my blood pressure rises. Hello, it’s like bashing me too.

Look, I totally understand why there are so many religions in the world. Of course, not everyone agrees with the same idea. All religions have flaws, just like everything on this world. Why? Because humans aren’t perfect. What I don’t understand is the presence of religion bashing.

Let’s see. Why do others bash religions? The way I see it, it’s basically because according to their interpretation of sacred text, what the other religion believes in/practices is not based on sacred text or is against their interpretation. The way I see it, it’s a form of encouraging people to convert into their religion. Hey, spreading the Word of God is good, as long as you’re not stepping on anyone.

I will no longer spill out my rage here. I might say things that I’m not supposed to say. I’d just like to remind everyone that it is not religion that will save us. Faith in God and good deeds towards our neighbors will.



Coming into the state university last August, I had no goals except to graduate on time. Now that I found out that I was a inch close to being a college scholar (equivalet to other school’s inclusion in the dean’s list), I suddenly had goals in mind for 2015. Well, isn’t that good? 😀

I now have different goals for different areas in my life. I hope that by the end of the semester and of the year, I have reached my goals!

As a student of the state university and citizen of the Philippines:
-join cause-oriented orgs, like Red Cross Youth and any teaching org
-give back to the nation in any way
     ▪Do well in my studies…be a college/university scholar! That’s the least I can do to make the taxpayers and my parents’ money spent on my education worth it.
     ▪have a stand!

As a member of my family:
-get to know my family members as individuals

As a friend:
-make new friends!
-spend more time with friends outside the university

As a girlfriend:
-maintain out healthy relationship
-try out new activities together

As an individual:
-LOSE WEIGHT! Get back to my pre-surgery body.
-develop deep spirituality

I’m sharing my goals so that when I get off the track, someone can remind me. Well, I’m pretty hyped now. Can’t wait for the semester to start! 😀