On the second to the last day of its run, The Last 5 Years managed to entertain and confuse me all at in an hour and a half. 9 Works Theatrical’s adaptation of the musical The Last Five Years left me quite speechless, too. Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes as Cathy and Jamie (respectively) almost made me cry. Well, it was quite impossible to cry, so I don’t know if that’s really a good thing. But hey, it was quite a nice show.

So, here are five reasons why you should regret not being able to catch the show!

1. Well, there are only two characters in the musical. That was quite interesting for me. Imagine how two people can run a show without ample breaks. And it’s actually a musical! The songs weren’t easy to sing, too.

2. The story was simple and quite typical, but the playwright did a great job in telling the story. Both characters narrated at the same, only Cathy did it in reverse chronological order.

3. Every song was relatable. And I mean relatable.

4. Gil and Valdes gave their performance of their lives when I watched. So imagine how they did it during the first show. Their vocal prowess moved me into feeling for both of their characters, even if I’m quite biased towards Gil’s character Cathy.

5. The musical mirrored how love goes. It’s also serves as a wake up call to those who need a reality check.

The Last Five Years isn’t as spectacular and grand as Grease and Wicked, but it is purely beautiful otherwise. Hats off to you, Jason Robert Brown! Your musical made me ponder on my love life.


A Movie House Full Of Gangster Lovers And A Mall Full Of Eyes

I took a leap of faith and decided to watch “She’s Dating The Gangster” last night. A “typical” student (or alumna) of my high school would not watch the said movie because it’s so jologs (click here for the definition of jologs). It’s not that I’m underestimating the Filipino audience and their taste in entertainment. It’s just that there are girls in my high school who are too sosyal (click here for the definition of sosyal) and are ashamed to be jologs, there are some who don’t patronize Filipino entertainment, and there are those who think that the KathNiel love team is so overrated. I’m not a KathNiel fan (but I do dream of of Daniel Padilla once in a while), and I think that the quality of Philippine cinema is not at its best, but I do have to say that I’m not sosyal, and I enjoyed watching “She’s Dating The Gangster”.


I read a movie review on Rappler about the said movie (don’t be confused with the book), and it wasn’t a bad review. So I went for the movie, and I cried a bucket.

She’s Dating The Gangster does not only talk about romantic love, but it also talks about familial love, sacrifice, and timing: a few (or maybe all) of the the things that changed the lives of Kenji, Athena, (Athena) Abigail, Kenneth and Kelay. The great love of Athena and Kenji shared was undeniably short, sweet and sincere. Their love was true and full of hope. It was really unfortunate that it had to end, but hopefully Kenneth and Kelay can continue the broken but great love the older lovers had. Bianca Bernardino did a nice job in creating this story (though I haven’t read the book, but I assume it’s nice, too), and Cathy Garcia-Molina did a good job turning the book into a touching movie. Though the story wasn’t really great (the plot wasn’t so special and the characters didn’t really change; it wasn’t complex, but it exceeded the low expectation I had for it), the love of Kenji and Athena (and/or the KathNiel love team) brought the film to its success.


Though I cried a lot, my mood kept on getting disturbed by screaming and squealing fans all over the cinema. I mean, sure Daniel Padilla is undeniably handsome, and his team up with Kathryn Bernardo is truly phenomenal, but please, respect the other viewers! Also, I went to the mall in a wheelchair (since I underwent a knee surgery and I’m not mobile), and people kept on looking at me with weirded out eyes as if something was seriously wrong with me. Filipinos still have to work on their sensitivity for sure. People have grown to be indifferent to the needs and feelings of others. Oh well, at least the mall staff did their job.


The Filipino people need to improve on a lot of things, whether it’s in what they produce or how they treat others. It’s the only way to improve the situation in the country. Too bad, when we’re told to improve, we take it destructively (but it also depends on how they say it). We should stop being so insensitively sensitive, face whatever comment we have in our face, and make our selves better.