Freakin’ Freakshow!

March 17, 2012 – a date to remember.

Freakshow was Pink 2014’s sophomore night. It was also the first party (as in party party na party) that I attended. It was a night that I would never forget.

I wore 5-inch heels that night. Until now, my middle toe on my left foot is kind of numb due to those heels. It was dance all night long with my friends! Although some were really wild, all of us surely had fun!

Kelvin (one of the guys whom our class had an interaction with last November) came and yeah we chatted when my friends went home already. Wow, he’s fun to talk to! I never thought that guys who are fun to be with still exist (the good and calm fun). Although he wanted to have my number (which I didn’t give because I told him that my phone’s broken), I think he’s kind. =))

I had fun. That’s all I have to say!

Okay now I feel that this post is useless so haha.



#sophomorememories, March 3, 2012 edition

Today was EPIC

It was so epic, I forgot to place a period in the previous sentence (let’s leave it that way).

When I woke up, I didn’t want to get up. I only had six hours of sleep, so why would I get up? I did get up anyway, because it’s Brookside Graduation Day! I’m the master of the ceremony, along with my friend Tinky (these are her blogs, by the way: this and this). So, I got up and took a bath. I ate breakfast, dressed in my white blouse and black jeans, grabbed my bag and guitar, rode the car, got off at MC, left my guitar in Sir Dhoi’s office, rode the van going to Brookside, and left.

I thought we were going to be there early, but NOOOOO we waited for the private vehicle of a junior, who was with some of her batch mates, who lacked parish involvement hours so they had to go to Brookside. We were the last ones to arrive. -_- When we got there, Tinky, Rica and I were already stressed because of the drastic program changes, technical difficulties, and the extreme heat. We started the program, and I saw all the kids getting their certificates; I was proud of them. I personally congratulated one of my regular students last school year (since I was not a regular volunteer this school year). I was so happy!… except for when a group of people performed (no, I won’t mention which group of people was that hah).

After the ceremony, FEEDING TIME! Spaghetti… Nom nom nom. After that, we left Brookside. I said my last good byes from the school year, and I told myself that I’m coming back next school year as a regular volunteer, since going to Brookside is not a requirement in third year. We had a crazy time in the bus. Sir Dhoi was dancing… Must be the sun exposure. Joke time and other discussion time with my row mates (Miss Mau and Sir Dhoi. Oh yeah go teachers!). We were near MC, when the van broke down… Sir Dhoi had to push the van… OH NO SUN EXPOSURE! Miss Mau joined him until we reached a gas station. When we reached the gas station, the van started… YAY! When Sir Dhoi and Ms. Mau got in the van, the danced like crazy and Sir was so sabaw… TOO MUCH SUN EXPOSURE!!!

We got back in MC, got our stuff from Sir Dhoi’s office and proceeded to the recording of our Math culminating task. After two location changes and two dozens of recording attempts, at 12:50pm, Tinky and I finally recorded the perfect (well, not really) recording to submit to Ms. Alie. YAY! We changed our clothes then walked to Starbucks. We went back to MC via tricycle… The fare in La Vista is expensive, okay. After that, we ate/drank what we bought in school. A little of jamming, then we watched the school’s drama club (Banaag Theater Guild) year-end production, Correspondence. BOY IT WAS THE BOMB! I loved it sooooooooo much! The actresses were really good! So sad, it only lasted for an hour. 😦 After that, I went home already… Well, not really. Mom drove to Moonleaf… First ever winter melon milk tea… My say: I like tea, without the milk. So we went home and I went online… School work mode! -_-

Even if I had to end the day with school work, I still had so much fun. Hence, the first sentence of this post.