So…I passed the Ateneo College Entrance Test! 😀 YAAAY! So I passed two out of three college entrance tests. I FEEL SO ALIVE!

Well, I had to say a-shet (or “oh sh*t” in English) at the beginning. Well, the complete list was posted at the Ateneo Blue Eagle Gym in the morning, and some group of Ateneo Students posted blurred photos of the list of passers. Well, I saw my name in it, and I felt ecstatic! At 12pm, we can check if we passed online. I kept on searching for my name (like entering it on search bars), and my name didn’t come out. I cried to my dad because I knew I was worthy of being an Atenean. So I just left my house to go to my best friend’s birthday party. I totally forgot about Ateneo throughout the party. Then my dad kept on texting me about how he finally searched successfully for my name online!


I’m so thankful that I really passed my third university choice! The Lord never fails to make me realize how great I can be. 🙂

~     ~     ~

So I passed my first choice (UP) and third choice (Ateneo). Though I know that I’ll be going to UP no matter what, I still hope I pass my second university choice, UST! 🙂



The UPCAT Experience – Extended Play

Because I felt the need to write about my WHOLE UPCAT experience… You’re welcome.


I woke up at 6:55am, feeling quite irritated. My aunt had to wake me up in the middle of a sleep cycle. She said that I have to eat my heavy breakfast soon so that I can eat my light lunch by 10:30am. I ate at 8am after fixing my bag for my UP trip while talking to my brother. Maybe this was my way of releasing the anxiety that was already building up in my whole system. I was ready at 10:30, then I ate lunch. I said a short prayer before leaving the house at 11am. Thank God we live near UP. By 11:30, I was already on the premises of the Institute of Mathematics. I even saw a guy who REALLY looked like my guy Kelvin…awkward! I had to go up to the main entrance of the building then I had to go down the same height that I climbed. Wow, thanks UP. I settled in the room. No guys were near me. SAD. I filled up all the things I had to fill up, including the attendance sheet that was passed by row. I saw that I was the second to the oldest in our row (oldest was born in 1992…woah). I submitted the attendance sheet and prayed hard. I didn’t even listen to the proctor; I just did whatever I had to do. I came to a stop and prayed harder. When the proctor announced “you may begin”, I looked at my watch: it was 12:25. It’s game time. Lord, guide me.

Language Proficiency

The moment I saw the vocabulary part, I half rejoiced and half worried. I even got confused with the choices! This part of the exam was easy for me, since English and Filipino are just two of the subjects that I am good at. Of course there were tricky items, but I really managed. I almost shouted for joy when I came to the “identify the error in the sentence” portions. The option of “NO ERROR” was not there! THANK YOU LORD! But then there’s this item (it was #11) that I changed my answer…then I couldn’t erase my first answer completely.


I knew that I was good in Science, but gosh it was the most challenging part of the exam! My aunt was right: it’s not the facts, it’s the application of the facts. Dear Lord, why did I forget what a half life is? Anyway, I left five blanks in this test. I don’t even want to talk about this test anymore. And so I kept on erasing my first answer in #11.


I was expecting some nosebleed, sakit sa bangs, stress sa chest Math, For the record: Math was quite easier than Science. Although I still four blanks, I had more blanks in Science. But I’m still debating if leaving blanks was good or not. But yeah, Math was okay. Still, I erased my first answer in #11.

Reading Comprehension

I was expecting a major-major headache at this time, but I didn’t have one. It was a breeze…except for the fact that I was just starting on the second to the last story then I only had 10 FREAKIN’ MINUTES LEFT. I rushed reading and rushed answering. Thank God the pieces were easy reads. Then I still had two minutes to spare, so I erased my first answer in #11. Then the female proctor came to be and fixed my papers. I was done.

Time was up and the proctor collected my materials. I prayed to thank God, and so we vacated the room. I saw my parents, then my head started to ache. I texted all my friends, then I had some relaxation.

The next day, I did nothing. Kelvin came over and had a great time with him…nothing else. 🙂

The UPCAT was generally okay and manageable. I just hope and pray that my efforts are not wasted. Dad wants me to go to UP for the prestige and the financial advantages, but these are not my reasons. I want to study in UP to learn about the people of the Philippines, not just about the intelligent and rich kids whom I grew up attending school with.

The UPCAT Experience

My cousins and elders were right: I didn’t have to review for the UPCAT. I just had to expect the unexpected. By that, I mean sitting by a window that was painted green and hearing “I Knew You Were Trouble” out of nowhere (it was the phone of a fellow UPCAT taker). As I looked at the attendance list, boy oh boy I think I’m one of the oldest test takers in the room! Sad, but true.

It was a breeze, except for nine items that I left blank. It was relatively easy…I just hope that I got my answers right. I really want to get into UP. Lord, it’s all up to You now. Help me accept whatever comes.


Expecting a long post? Well, I’m sleepy!

How I wrote my ACET essay

Others are dying to impress Ateneo with their ACET essays…and I sit here, thinking this:

No, I should not have flowery words on this.  I should not impress them so much.  No, I should not even think of impressing them. I should be me…and then I’ll see if they will like me. If I don’t get in, well it’s their loss.

Being myself is the best way to get into any university…well, that’s what I believe in.