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Coming into the state university last August, I had no goals except to graduate on time. Now that I found out that I was a inch close to being a college scholar (equivalet to other school’s inclusion in the dean’s list), I suddenly had goals in mind for 2015. Well, isn’t that good? 😀

I now have different goals for different areas in my life. I hope that by the end of the semester and of the year, I have reached my goals!

As a student of the state university and citizen of the Philippines:
-join cause-oriented orgs, like Red Cross Youth and any teaching org
-give back to the nation in any way
     ▪Do well in my studies…be a college/university scholar! That’s the least I can do to make the taxpayers and my parents’ money spent on my education worth it.
     ▪have a stand!

As a member of my family:
-get to know my family members as individuals

As a friend:
-make new friends!
-spend more time with friends outside the university

As a girlfriend:
-maintain out healthy relationship
-try out new activities together

As an individual:
-LOSE WEIGHT! Get back to my pre-surgery body.
-develop deep spirituality

I’m sharing my goals so that when I get off the track, someone can remind me. Well, I’m pretty hyped now. Can’t wait for the semester to start! 😀


As a music lover, I am expected to have a favorite song. Well guess what, I don’t have a favorite song. I love reading, yet I have no favorite book/book series. Same goes with movies, food, travel destination, and more things on Earth (except for animals, plants and people).

I only have a few favorites:

Singer: Taylor Swift;

Person(s) to talk to: my boyfriend and my friends;

Animal: Koala;

Flower: pink roses;

…and that’s about it. I like a lot of things, but I only have a few favorite things.

Well, I found myself weird for not having too much favorites. I consider myself weird because I appreciate almost everything thrown at me. I learn to love things as if it was in my nature. It’s like I’m born to like almost everything existing. I really seldom hate things. I’d even love your trash, especially if it would be for my advantage.

Since I don’t have favorite inanimate objects, I have favorite living things. I don’t know why I have my biases on living things. Maybe that’s how I appreciate life. I love animals and plants, and people too! I love people the most, honestly. People are very fluid in some ways. I find people, especially children, fascinating.

I have a lot of favorite people. From my boyfriend, to my best friend, to my mom, and everyone in between! No stranger can beat my favorite people. I just love people! I just find humans very…interesting. No two people are alike, and I love that.

But then, I still struggle with people. People cause my sadness and depression, but I still continue to love people. That’s how appreciative and grateful I get. I like everything thrown at me. But of course, if I have favorite people, I also have favorite people to hate. They’re relatively few, but having people to hate alarms me, especially since I hate them for the wrong reasons. But I guess liking and disliking stuff is normal for us.

So much for liking stuff, eh? Well, we all have our biases. That’s what makes us different.


The Thing About Love

Who marries a man she just met?

It’s true love!

What is true love? Who deserves to be loved? Where is (the) love? When do you love? Why love? How do you love?


 How can you love someone you barely know? How can you give yourself up to someone you just met? How can you say that you feel a deep affection for someone you don’t speak to often? That’s the problem with out generation today – We don’t know what love is anymore. It’s true that the more we use a word, the word loses its meaning. That’s exactly what’s happening to a word that’s so powerful to lose its sense. Of course, by definition, we know what love is. But how do we know if what we feel is really love?

…just a random thought.