Fickle mind

Fickle (adj) : marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability

: given to erratic changeableness


We have just concluded our discussion on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. I honestly don’t like the story of the play, but I love it in two ways: some parts are funny (that’s why the play is a comedy), and it keeps me thinking. Some of my batch mates like it because the story’s a lot lighter that of Romeo and Juliet’s, but I loathe it because of Petruchio’s way of “taming” Katherine. But, I like it too, because of Shakespeare’s good writing. It makes me think a lot. It makes my mind be fickle. Freakin’ fickle. This is the first time I’ve changed my mind very often when it comes to a reading material. I change my mind every time I read it!

Did Petruchio and Katherine fall in love in the end, or did they fake all the kissing? Was Katherine tamed, or was she afraid of Petruchio? WHAT HAPPENED TO CHRISTOPHER SLY?!? Ms. Grey said, until now, scholars don’t know what really happened. SHAKESPEARE LEFT US ALL THINKING. Thanks a lot, William.

This post is too shallow. I’m just bored, and I don’t want to complete our part for the comic strip for Filipino. It’s shallow because I’m sleepy… I want to write more, but my mind tells me to proceed to my bed.