This koalacorn (koala + unicorn = koalacorn) is the fruit of the weird mind of Patricia Bonayon. This same koalacorn is the most magical animal in the eyes of the blogger called Cloie (who is a self-proclaimed koala). Ohyeah


February 14

February 14 is NOT Valentine’s Day. Well, at least for me and some of my friends. We’re celebrating SAD(Single Awareness Day). For our whole batch, it’s Asian Fest. So, Happy Tuesday!

So, Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s Day. Many celebrate this, but a lot of us do not know who St. Valentine is. Personally, I don’t get this (and no, it’s because I’ve never had a “valentine”). Valentine’s Day is all about lovers… Guys give flowers, stuffed toys, and chocolates to their girls, then take them out on a date. maybe, they’ll have (uhh three-letter word…), or the guy proposes. It’s all about love! But, do all of these really need to happen on February 14? Wait, let me rephrase. But first, this: it’s as if these things only happen during Valentine’s Day. Can’t we show love everyday?