Heaven + Hell = Earth

Being in a relationship feels like heaven and hell at the same time. Heaven, because of obvious reasons. Hell, because of relationship problems, personal insecurities concerning your partner, and other priorities. By other priorities, I mean school for us teens.

Being in school feels like heaven and hell, too. Heaven, because we get to meet new people and we get to learn the ways of the world. Hell, because of obvious reasons. Come on, why do we hate school?

Now, if you put being in a relationship and school, specifically college, together, what do you get? Earth.

Why Earth? Well, life on Earth is heaven and hell at the same time. You get both the good stuff and the bad stuff, one after the other, sometimes even at the same time. Balancing school and a romantic relationship is an earthly thing. There’s no such thing in heaven or in hell.

Now, how is it like balancing romance and college? I’ll answer that by telling you the story of my first semester of college.

Being the weakling that I am, I had a hard time adjusting to UP life. With the school nights came requirements and tears. Requirements came in naturally, as professors were required to have concrete basis for our grades. What I didn’t expect were the tears that rolled down my cheeks every night. Not being able to read the readings for the next Kasaysayan meeting was why I shed tears at night. And so I confide with my knight in shining armor, Kelvin.

The good thing about having a love life in college is that when you are close to giving up on your work, you have someone to push you to do better. You have someone who will inspire you to work. After all, don’t you want a future with your partner? So you’d work harder for the future of you two as a couple, or even as a family. You also gain a study buddy, especially if you and your partner are from the same school, let alone the same batch or same course.

There came a time when Kelvin would be the one to confide to me. See, he’s not good in Filipino, so he would plead to me so that I would help him with his requirements. But there were times that when he would plead, I would have something to do. And so, I would end up choosing him before me. Also, when he’s busy, I want to talk to him. When I’m busy, he wants to talk to me. When we would meet, we were both tired. And lastly, we once fought because of his wish to remove the Filipino subject in college.

The not-so good thing about having a love life in college is setting your priorities straight: you would have a hard time choosing between hanging out with your partner or doing your research paper. Also, you’re both stressed. How can you manage to keep constant communication? One more thing on stress: if you’re both stressed, you tend to have misunderstandings. Then, you would fight. Then, you’d feel bad and you wouldn’t want to be productive; double whammy for the both of you. But hey, if you love each other, you would endure that. You would, you would.

See, college is hard. Being in a relationship is hard. But both things are fun, too. Both will give you stress. Stress will give you a hard time, but no living person on Earth lives without stress. Just think of that the next time you and your boyfriend fight over a Geometry problem. Now that’s earthly.


This post was requested by a good friend of mine, Renee Rebong. 🙂