Chopped and Colored

Last Sunday, I chopped off eight to ten inches of my hair. My head felt so heavy carrying so much hair. So I decided to cut off my hair.


I also got tired of my brown/black locks, so I asked my mom if I can dye my hair burgundy. She said yes.


Due to poor lighting, you can’t see very well that it turned out to be red, WHICH I LOVE!


They say that having a makeover signifies a new beginning. Well, it is true for me. Since I filed for another leave of absence, I want to spend my time discovering my potentials outside the academic world. Also, I have resorted into burying all my burdens along with my cut hair…literally burying them. I’ll post about it soon. For now, I’m happy with my new hair, and I’m happy for my fresh start.


Fix your sentences, please.

Reading sentences with incorrect grammar, especially when you’re in the Program of Excellence in English, is HELL. Well, I confess that sometimes, I unwittingly speak sentences with incorrect grammar. But once I realize what I did, I correct myself right away. If I realize it long after finishing the sentence, I admit to the one I’m speaking to that I have committed a crime against English grammar rules. But seriously, before posting something on the Internet, check your grammar, please? This would save lives.