Happy Independence Day

April 2, 2015 marks the beginning of my new single life. Yes, Kelvin and I are no longer together.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing why I broke up with him, but I have to share what I’m feeling right now.

I stopped crying 10 to 15 minutes after sending “thank you for those two years”. Yes, I broke up with him online. I had to do it. I couldn’t wait any longer. You can now call me brutal and ruthless. Anyway, I felt so relieved after breaking up with him. I felt free from any pretentiousness. I felt…simply free from anything.

But then, I think I’m forcing myself to be okay. My body is telling me to eat a lot, and I only eat like this when I’m depressed. A part of me is broken, I guess. I guess I should just let things be.

I meet with him tomorrow for closure. I hope things turn out well.