To Read = To Learn

As a kid, I wasn’t a book lover. All I read were my thin books back when I was so little and my text books. I got interested in reading when I was about to turn 14, thanks to those good books that I’ve read because of book reports. Thank God for Reading class for requiring me to read Number the Stars, To Kill a Mockingbird, and another book that I forgot… High school came, and more books came. Little Women, The Joy Luck Club, Nectar in a Sieve, Animal Farm, The Awakening, Shakespeare’s works and Oedipus Rex. We haven’t taken up Wuthering Heights yet, but I bet that book will teach me something. I also read Ilustrado for my upcoming literary criticism paper. These books have been a pain in the BRAIN (yes brain) to read, and some of them were boring (well, only one), but they taught me a lot.

Little Women (1st year) taught me to stay strong, love your family with your everything, and pursue your heart’s desire… Everything, even love, will follow. Amy, Beth, Meg and Jo March…oh how I love Jo March. And I loved the movie as well!

The Joy Luck Club (2nd year)… I love every bit of it. I loved the movie too! I LOVE AMY TAN SO MUCH ALL MY FEELS :((( It really taught me a lot in life. It strengthened me so much, and yes all the feminism here… :(( EMPOWERED WOMEN HERE WAZZUP WAZZUP!

Nectar in a Sieve (2nd year) made me weep. WEEP, I TELL YOU, WEEP. Rukmani’s dedication to her family is just…ineffable. I love a woman like her. So dedicated to what she has. Of course, it’s not ideal for me to just work for my family, but I have to use a different perspective. Either way, I love the book so much. It made me realize that joy and sorrow always go together. It showed me reality.

Animal Farm (3rd year) is the best fable (if it is a fable) I have ever read! Imagine, animals starting a rebellion! I was a bit saddened by the ending though, but man all the Marxism there. I was awoken by the book. I realized how animal-like people are. It was really fun to read. Beasts of England! 😀

The Awakening (2nd year) was the boring book, but all the feminism there is just so… Man it was boring to read, but I want to read it again. Edna may seem so selfish (to the extent of drowning herself), but he had every right to be selfish. All her life, she has been living for others. She had to live for herself. For me, she is empowered (but I really hate the part when she drowns herself). I was awakened by The Awakening. Thank you, Kate Chopin.

Shakespeare… Romeo and Juliet (1st year), I think, is better than The Taming of the Shrew (2nd year). Even if R&J, as we would call it, is so heavy and so -.-, I disliked the concept of Taming. But even if Taming didn’t please me, it brought out all the feminism in me. R&J taught me that love makes the world go around. And yes, it did not teach me to be a hopeless romantic. 🙂 I wonder what Julius Caesar will bring me next year. 🙂

Oedipus Rex (3rd year)… What a tragedy. Sophocles must have gone through something while writing this. Oedipus… What did it teach me? Well, even if you are destined to be something, you still choose which road to take. Your destiny relies on your free will.

Ilustrado (for my literary criticism paper) is one of the very few books by Filipino authors that I have read. So far, this is one of the best books that I have ever read in my entire life. Not only did I learn about politics, my country and different cultures, but I also learned how to find myself and be it. The fictional Miguel Syjuco took me everywhere with him, and it was a fun ride. It also made my love for writing and my dream of being a journalist be so alive. Syjuco… What a brilliant bastard (as how I saw him in some parts of the book).

I am currently reading Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. The movie made me cry, but the book is making me cry and learn. I am loving this book so much. I am learning from this book. It was a good thing that this was te random book that I got from my bookshelf. I needed to read it so bad. I needed the help.


So why do I read? I don’t read so that I could be entertained. I read so that I could learn. I don’t just read those young adult fiction novels by John Green or David Levithan. I don’t really read Nicholas Sparks (although I’ve read A Walk to Remember, The Notebook and The Last Song…btw, nice books 😀 I love A Walk to Remember). I read classics, because they’re classics for a reason. Although I plan on reading for “mainstream” and contemporary works, I’d still chose classics over the new ones. I dunno. Maybe I’m attached to not-so-love stories, as I call them. And again, there must be something in those books that made them classics. Maybe important lessons in life. Yeah, maybe that.


Waaaaaah what a sabaw post. =)))

Oh well

The search for the next person to talk to has started!

I am once again feeling alone. I am once again feeling breathless (must be a mini asthma attack). I am once again feeling sad and broken for some strange reason. I am once again “phone-less” :((

I hate it when this happens. No one is replying to my Facebook messages, and I can’t text. It’s just so… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRG!

I am at the verge of crying the Huang Ho River here.